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Warehouse Inventory Material Issue

You may not want to handover inventory directly to whoever requests it. Now you can place the right checks and balances when inventory is issued through this application.

Streamlined Material Issuance

Ensure a systematic issue of inventory materials with our automated app. Introduce checks and balances to improve inventory control and management.

Our Warehouse Inventory Material Issue app automates the process of issuing materials from your inventory. It places checks and balances to prevent unauthorized access and ensures the right material is issued to the right person. It also contributes to more efficient inventory management and better control over warehouse resources.

Features & Integrations in this template

Approval process

Setup an approval process to approve or reject the inventory issue

Realtime Updates

Keep the inventory in sync across your ERP/WMS through realtime updates

Ledger Tracking

Track each inventory issue separately in a ledger for audit reasons


Get notified of any issues in realtime through the channel of choice

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