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Warehouse Inventory Picking

Your pickers may not always keep all the items to be picked in their head or they end up making mistakes when tracking on paper. Use this app to automate their picking process through product scanning, inventory deduction and updates.

Automated Warehouse Picking

Streamline your warehouse picking process with our automated app. Enhance accuracy with product scanning and real-time inventory updates, reducing errors.

The Warehouse Inventory Picking app automates the product picking process in your warehouse. It facilitates product scanning, inventory deduction, and updates, reducing errors and improving overall efficiency. The app's accuracy and user-friendly interface can greatly enhance the productivity of your warehouse staff.

Features & Integrations in this template


Customize the Picking process according to your biz specific needs

Scan Support

Use mobile based scanner for faster inventory pickup

Inventory Location Support

Add item wise inventory location for the picker to identify and route themselves

Many types of Picking

Support Bulk Picking, batch picking and several other types.

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